うーん、飛んだか? まだわからないのが、強制通貨返還及び、しばらくロックされるってのは、かなりマイナスイメージなのでは? このままウォレット内で換金はもうやはりできないのか?

ここ10日ほど毎日3%上げ、昨日は30%上げ、今日は20%上げとむちゃくちゃな相場が続いてたが、はたしてどうなるか? 今後の展開に目が離せない・・






In a short span of four months since the launch of SBO on 15 June 2019, over a million users have embraced the blockchain asset management platform to build a global consensus, and realized the 7 key benefits of the S BLOCK ecosystem. Many users came on board recently due to the initiation of DAO and impending exchange listing. With the strong bull market, the first phase of SBO Private Placement period was a huge success! More than 1.87 million users purchased over 200 million SBO. The Foundation expresses its congratulations to all SBO holders!


We are currently preparing for our exchange listing in December. SBO will officially enter its second phase: “SBO QUANTUM LEAP” tomorrow (28 October 2019). The brand new crypto-ecology will increase the internal conversion compound interest, bringing greater benefits for all users.


Prior to the SBO QUANTUM LEAP phase, the assets of all global users in the S BLOCK Interstellar Wallet as of 27 October 2019 14:00 (GMT+2) will undergo a data consolidation process. It will be completed by 00:00 (GMT+2) later. During the process, all operations (including deposit, swap, withdrawal, master staking, cancellation of staking, etc.) will be suspended. After the data consolidation, user assets will be allocated as follows:


[28 October 2019]

* Staked Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, DASH, HT, OKB) in S-KEY will be converted to “USDS”. USDS value = USD1 per token;


*The USDS will be converted at a more favourable rate with no conversion fees based on below 2 factors, whichever is higher:

(1) Unit price during master staking time

(2) Current market value during the data consolidation process later


*Cryptocurrencies kept in S Wallet ~ “Asset” will be converted to USDS based on 120% of its current market value during the data consolidation process later with no conversion fees.


[6 November 2019]

*Staked ATO in S-KEY will be converted to USDS at 1:1 ratio with no conversion fees;


*ATO in S-Wallet ~ Asset can directly be transferred to Plan Flash (including ATO at DAO Portal, and future generated ATO);


*Staked L, L-F and VTO in S-KEY, after the deduction of collected revenue will be equally divided into 10 portions, and will be converted to USDS every day for consecutive 10 days (6-15 November 2019) at 1:1 ratio with no conversion fees;


*Staked FTO will directly be converted to USDS at 1:1 ratio with no conversion fees (future FTO will continue to be released on the 10th day of each month, and can be transferred to Plan Flash)


[15 November 2019]

*All global SBO holders will receive an additional 15% of their current SBO holdings during the data consolidation process later. The additional SBO will be deposited directly into users’ accounts on 15 November 2019;


*The brand-new “SBO QUANTUM LEAP” will be launched! SBO value will continue to rise steadily via the new Crypto-Ecology System!



*USDS can be converted to SBO any time at the prevailing SBO price with no conversion fees

*Any USDS balance will be converted to SBO automatically at the prevailing SBO price on 15 November 2019 with no conversion fees.

*SBO, FTO, ATO and other cryptocurrencies can be invested in Plan Flash to have higher gain on your asset.


S BLOCK Foundation

27 October 2019